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United Fresh 2013

United Day 2: Food safety front and center

Everywhere you turned during the second and final day of the United Fresh 2013 trade show and convention in San Diego, people were talking about food safety. But no one spoke of what can happen during a recall more movingly than Nelia Alamo, director of sales and marketing for Gills Onions. Her memories of a food recall incident were fresh — her company’s recall incident took place nearly a year ago, or shortly after United Fresh 2012 concluded in Dallas. “It changed my life,” she said of the time of crisis that started with the first phone calls and reports of health problems associated with Gills products. “It was scary . . . downright scary.” As she was describing these harrowing days, the emotion in Alamo’s voice was palpable. The phone was ringing off the hook, and none of the callers were bearers of good……  » Read more

United Day 1: Location, location, location

Of the famous five W’s of journalism, the one that relates the most to the first day of the United Fresh 2013 show in San Diego is “where.” The word was spoken in a variety of different contexts both by presenters and in conversations on the trade show floor. Where are you from? That’s the most common question asked at occasions such as this. To someone like me who is interested in dialects and languages, conversation here is a feast for the ears. Yesterday in one group conversation, we had represented the vocal melodies of Louisiana, Canada, Minnesota and New Jersey (and my own nasal Midwestern drawl). Where are your crops grown? This is an increasingly-important question as it relates to geographical regions, but also — in this age of increasing traceability and transparency — regarding specific lots and batches of fresh-cut produce and the……  » Read more

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